everything us.

Nestled among Zell basin, die dorfvilla is located in the centre of Maishofen. Those seeking rest and relaxation will receive a warm welcome here, because Karin and Hannes Hasenauer have been putting their heart and soul into die dorfvilla since 2010, to create an ambience where guests can feel truly at home.

Under the motto “everything different”, adventurers and explorers, sports people gourmets find themselves in the somewhat different dorfvilla: from lively cherry red, warm yellow or lush green, the rooms and apartments designed in different colours beckon to linger. Even if it may be difficult to leave these trendy premises, even more can be discovered and experienced before the doors of the villa.

No matter if in summer or winter, outdoor lovers will find everything to make adventurers’ hearts leap for joy in this region. And this is how die dorfvilla acts as a boomerang: three metres in front of the door, four times up the mountain, once around the lake and yet always back again into the homely ambience. So, everything different then.

Therme Therme

everything sustainable.

After the birth of their first son, the host family decided to take a different, meaningful way. True to the motto “We did not inherit this world from our fathers, but have borrowed it from our children” the team of die dorfvilla dedicate themselves to upholding sustainability on a daily basis.

This also gave rise to the idea to heat the somewhat different building with solar energy (mainly) all year round. As the region enjoys enough sunshine, the only challenge was how to store the required annual power demand.

This appealing challenge could be solved with an “insulated earth storage”, which until then did not exist in Austria in this form. It takes the shape of a giant hole with a net volume of some 550-570,000 dm3, in which, encased by a special insulating layer, precious solar energy can be stored. This allows the stored energy amount to be drawn on even during the winter months, in order to revive die dorfvilla with energy from the sun using this altogether completely new concept.

So, everything different then.